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Arbaugh Farm

Bloody Butcher Grits

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Experience the hearty and wholesome goodness of our Whole Grain Stone Ground Bloody Butcher Heritage Grits—a breakfast favorite that captures the essence of Southern comfort food. Proudly produced in West Virginia, these grits are crafted with care to provide you with a truly authentic culinary experience.
Product content: 1 pound

1. Stone Ground Perfection: Our grits are meticulously stone ground, preserving the natural flavor and texture of the whole grain. This traditional method ensures a delightful, creamy consistency that is unmatched in quality.
2. Heritage Corn Varieties: We carefully select heritage corn varieties, known for their rich flavors and unique characteristics, to create grits that deliver an authentic taste of the past.
3. Versatile Breakfast Staple: These grits are perfect for creating classic Southern-style breakfast dishes. Enjoy them as a creamy and comforting hot cereal or pair them with cheese or shrimp for delectable savory creations.
4. West Virginia Pride: Our grits are proudly produced in West Virginia, celebrating the state's agricultural heritage and commitment to quality.

1. Irresistible Flavor: Indulge in the rich and distinctive flavor of our heritage grits, which exude the natural sweetness and complexity of the corn. Each spoonful is a delicious reminder of Southern culinary traditions.
2. Versatility on Your Plate: Start your day with a warm bowl of creamy grits or explore their versatility by incorporating them into dishes like cheesy grits casserole or shrimp and grits. The possibilities are endless.
3. Nutritious Whole Grains: As whole grain grits, they retain the valuable dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals naturally present in the corn, making them a nourishing choice for a well-rounded diet.
4. Satisfying Texture: Our stone ground milling process ensures that the grits maintain their delightful texture, offering a smooth and creamy consistency that will delight your taste buds.

Our Whole Grain Stone Ground Heritage Grits are available in convenient one-pound bags, ensuring freshness and easy portioning. The resealable bags help to maintain the grits' quality, allowing you to savor their authentic taste over time.

Whether you seek a warm and comforting breakfast or wish to explore the versatility of grits in your cooking, our Whole Grain Stone Ground Heritage Grits are an essential addition to your pantry. Embrace the flavors of West Virginia and the rich culinary heritage of the South with this exceptional product.

Note: For cooking instructions and recipe ideas, please refer to the packaging or visit our website.

Rediscover the timeless appeal of Southern-style grits with our West Virginia-produced Whole Grain Stone Ground Heritage Grits. Order your bag today and experience the warmth, flavor, and satisfaction they bring to your table.