Wholesale of Cornmeal, Grits, and Flour products are available. You can obtain retail packaging of my products or bulk packaging depending on your needs. 

Retail packaging: I use two pound bags for most cornmeals, and one pound packages for grits and buckwheat. 

Bulk packaging is available by the pound and comes packaged in a large bag or bags depending on how much you order. 

How to order:

All wholesale orders are custom jobs that are made for you. It usually takes about a week to create a wholesale order. When you place your order I will be able to give you an estimated completion date/time. 

Contact me at sales@arbaughfarm.com to order. Don't go through the website to order wholesale. 

Shipping, Delivery, & Pick up


We offer deliveries within a 50 mile radius of Lewisburg, WV. If you would like the product delivered, just let me know when you order. 

Pick up

Orders can be picked up at the farm. Please indicate that you would like to pick up your order at the time of ordering. 


Shipping is available with UPS or USPS. Please contact me and I can work up the cost. 

Distributor Information 

The Mill at Arbaugh Farm currently does not work with any distributors, therefore all orders will be placed directly with the Mill. 

Product Catalog

To receive a product catalog please contact us at: