About Arbaugh Farm

Arbaugh Farm is located in the south east part of WV. Originally purchased by my great-grandfather in 1925. The farm was a small dairy until about 1966, when production refocused on beef cattle and hay production. In 2017, the farm shifted again to include sorghum syrup and an on-farm flour mill. 

The Mill is a very active part of the farm! Growth in this single area has been tremendous! The Mill produces cornmeal, grits, and various flours for retail and restaurants. All the ground product that we produce is available for sale here on the website as well as several retail shops in southern West Virginia. 

Sorghum syrup is a personal passion of mine. This is a boutique product that I produce in small quantities. Currently, I produce, at most, 50 gallons of finished sorghum syrup per year. In bad years, it's much less. At this time, I do not have plans to increase production, and wish to keep this a small batch creation. 

I also raise a small heard of cattle. These are grass fed beef that are provided the best accommodations possible to ensure they live happy, stress free lives. Grass fed cattle take a bit longer to grow into slaughter weight, but that time allows for a well developed muscle and flavor. 



Thank you for visiting our shop! I hope you enjoy our products!

Kind regards,

Julian Arbaugh