Grass Fed Beef

I raise a small hear of beef here on the farm. I provide my cows with plenty of pasture and clean water to drink. They are able to live in a stress free, comfortable environment. 

This is a picture of four black Angus cows in a field.

The cows are processed locally by USDA inspected facilities. I am licensed by the state of WV to sell beef directly to you. I raise the beef and I sell the beef. No middle man! 

If you are interested in purchasing a couple steaks, a roast or two, or even a few packs of ground beef, then I encourage you to contact me.  You may call me at 304-645-6216 or send an email to  You can even use the contact form.  I will deliver within about 50 miles of the farm or you can come by and pick things up. 

Unfortunately, I don't place beef items available here on the website because it's not available for shipping. Local delivery and pick up only. I typically process in the spring and fall. 

Can I get a lot? Like a lot of beef? 

You sure can!  You are able to place an order for 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or a whole beef! These are available for pick up in the winter/spring. To place an order, please call me at 304-645-6216 or email me at 

If you would like information as to what cuts come in these larger portions and how much freezer space you might need, click here to get those answers.